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VADIM RAISKY | Kaleidoscope

Музыка очень нравится - но что за исполнитель - не знаю... Пытаюсь различить слова - только отрывки:
... in my belly and up to my heart... into my.... I can't keep it shut.... do you recognise the smile.... I suppose...

В сущности мы ВСЕ делаем одно и тоже - мир вокруг нас прекрасней...)

The Light That Failed

Yesterday I've been in the old books shop. There are so many English books there! I took "The Light That Failed" by R.Kipling, "The Ebony Tower" by Fawles and "The Fairy Tales" by Washington Irving, plus Byron (poems). All this cost me 150rubles (5$). This books had been published in Progress Publishers, Moscow. Actually Enlish books are the most profitable type of books to buy there, cause they are almost or naturally new, though had been published in 70-es. When you open such a book you can see that it hasn't been read at all.
I think people that just started learning English bought them for themselve or for their kids, but never opened because they are quite difficult to read (not adopted). For example Kipling. I hav a book of his short stories at home already, and I know he is impossible to read. May be thats because he was a journalist and thats why his language is not classic. Its very vivid and exact ...and hard to understand...

Cronin Beyond This Place

I've read Cronin Beyond This Place. Its about the boy that found out that his father was in prison for the murder he never did.
And that boy made all he could to take him out of there. He made his own investigation, searched for the real murderer, had many problems, even starved for a week or so. Only the newspaper helped him, and only because of the newspaper he had a success.
My grandma liked reading Cronin. I remember she said that she loved two novels:
THE STARS LOOK DOWN, 1935 and some Castle
They say there is a movie "Beyond This Place" (Web of Evidence), dir. by Jack Cardiff, starring Van Johnson, Vera Miles, Barnard Lee)
Wish I could see it. Actually the end is too sweet - his father comes back and they two want to have a farm and work there and be happy.

The best library

The best one is
I downloaded almost all the classic books that I wanted to buy in Wodsworth edition.
Do they say that one can read only 5000 books at all? Well, I guess one can read a bit more :-)

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I downloaded James Joyce's voice. He is reciting a passage from the Finnegan's Wake.
Never liked him, b/c he was not the author to like.

And now this voice, so delicate, as if he is talking go kids - telling them a fairy-tale.

I just thought now - he named his book Ulysses...may be he wanted to call it Useless... but that would sound too romantic, sentimental even. There are 7 times this word appeares:

The lump I have is useless.

Useless: can't move.

Useless words.

Useless to go back. Had to be. Tell me all.

Useless pain.


And Ulysses is just a trojan horse carrying the true meaning - everything written in the book is Useless

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As long as this is my first post here I must say something new. So

Hello world!
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